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Designer Engagement Rings


Connecticut Jeweler

Diamond Designs is the best Connecticut Jeweler. Diamond designs is the place to go for all your jewelry needs. Diamond Designs jewelry store is the best around because they have experienced staff and a prideful owner that know everything there is to know about jewelry. They can assist you in the life moment’s purchases. The associates really connect with the clientele and form relationships in the store. Staff make it a point to be comfortable with the customers and make them feel welcome. Diamond Designs is an adorable, locally owned business with a passionate owner that has put years into perfecting his craft. The inside has been newly remodeled with impressive, beautiful sparkling display cases. Diamond Design associates will find a great pick for every couple for any occasion.  The connecticut jeweler has the best selection and personable trained staff to make any jewelry purchase. The Connecticut jeweler has a massive selection in store and online of engagement rings, necklaces,…