Jewelry Repair Service CT

The best jewelry repair service in Connecticut is Diamond Designs. Diamond Designs should be the only place to trust your jewelry with. From simple repair services to expert services, Diamond Designs is the place to go. Diamond Designs services include Battery Replacement, Sizing Adjustments, Polishing and Restoration, plus so much more! Bring your watch to Diamond Designs to get the battery switched or resized with ease. Diamond Design repair services are quick and trusted. Diamond Design associates will get your broken jewelry back to you in like new condition every time. Diamond Designs has extra long and extra short bands to fit every person. Diamond Designs repair services is equipped with trained European watchmakers to have your watch returned in better quality than what was brought in. Diamond Designs repair services also can clean of ever overhaul old watches to have the complex timepieces working like new. Diamond Designs Jewelry Repair Service CT even offers complimentary estimates. Diamond Designs can replace your crystal when it becomes scratched, chipped, or broken on wrist watches and pocket watches. Whenever your watch skips a beat, bring it into Diamond Designs, the best watch repair service in CT

Diamond Designs can repair any piece of jewelry. They can resize or clean any jewelry brought to the store. Cleaned and polished jewelry will restore used jewelry to its normal shine and glimmer. If you lose a stone, Diamond Designs has a vast inventory of loose stones to replace the lost one and restore the jewelry quickly. Chains and bracelets can be repaired in no time. Diamond Designs can quickly and affordably fix any chain you have. Delicate and antique jewelry pieces can be repaired with laser work to restore the jewelry. Add some personal and sentimental value to your jewelry by engraving jewelry using new CAAD software. Any jewelry piece that is not perfect can be repaired to its former beauty in record time at Diamond Designs. The best Jewelry Repair Services are at Diamond Designs. Bring your broken, dirty, or scratched jewelry to Diamond Designs today!


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